METRO Transit Accessibility Features


  • All buses in the Metro fleet are accessible.
  • All buses kneel or lower to make it easier to get on and off the bus.
  • All buses have accessibility signs, including the International Symbol of Accessibility and kneeling bus signage.
  • Priority seating for people with disabilities and senior citizens is located in the seats directly behind the bus operator.
  • All new buses have security cameras on the inside and outside.

Lifts and Floor Ramps

  • All buses either have a low floor ramp or are lift-equipped.
  • All mechanics are wheel chair lift/ ramp repair specialists and maintain the operational effectiveness of lift buses.
  • All new buses that Metro purchases are low floor ramp buses. As these new buses arrive, older lift-equipped buses are phased out.
  • The ramps on low floor buses can be manually operated if the hydraulic system fails, for 100% reliability.


  • Two wheelchair securement areas are located near the front of each bus and include tie downs and lap belts for safety.
  • The wheelchair securement areas also feature an accessible yellow button so a customer can alert the bus operator that the bus is approaching his or her stop.

Ferry Boat Transit

  • All ferry boats are accessible.