METRO Transit runs under the day-to-day leadership of the Administrator and is governed by the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) Board of Trustees.

The Board adopts rules, regulations and policies governing METRO Transit, downtown off-street public parking and Oklahoma River Cruises. The Board has authority over fare structure, use of property, development of facilities and fiscal and human resources management.

Three members serve by position, the Mayor of Oklahoma City, the City Manager and the City Finance Director. The five remaining trustees are appointed by the Mayor and approved by City Council. One of the five members must live outside the city limits of Oklahoma City. In accordance with the inter-local operating agreement between COTPA and the City, the Administrator of COTPA is appointed by the City Manager and approved by the COTPA board.

The 8-member Board of Trustees meets on the first Friday of each month in the City Council Chambers. Board meetings allow for communication among the trustees, administrator, staff and citizens.


Board of Trustees

Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority

Chris Kauffman, Chair, COTPA


Chris Kauffman





Bernard L. Semtner, III


Bernard L. Semtner, III
Vice Chair




Kay Bickham


Kay Bickham





Trustee David Greenwell



David Greewell




Veran Randle, Trustee, COTPA


Veran Randle





Jim Couch, Trustee


James D. Couch




Place Holder


Steve Hill
surrogate Trustee of Mayor Mick Cornett





Craig Freeman, Trustee


Craig Freeman




Executive Leadership

Jason Ferbrache, Administrator and Director


Jason Ferbrache
Administrator and Director of Public Transportation & Parking




Assistant Director of Public Transportation & Parking



Marsha Harrod


Marsha Harrod
Legal Counsel




Management Staff

Richard Bishop
Operations Manager Contact
Mary Kay Fox
Special Services Manager Contact
Debi Holtzclaw Parking Manager Contact
Larry Hopper
Planning Manager
Melisa Rousey
Finance Manager Contact
Michael Scroggins Public Information & Customer Relations Manager Contact
Wayne Simpson
Bus Scheduling Manager Contact
Jeanne Smith
River Transit Manager Contact
Ruvena Snellings
Personnel Manager Contact
Erick Zaage
Fleet Manager Contact


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