MAPS - Transit Projects

What Is MAPS? 

MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) is Oklahoma City's visionary capital improvement program. The first MAPS initiative was approved by voters in December, 1993.

What is a Modern Streetcar?

The modern streetcar uses a fixed, electric-rail system at street level, shares a lane with other vehicles and operates safely in high-pedestrian areas to link riders with major activity centers.

Unlike a historic trolley, the modern streetcar employs new technology that allows it to operate quietly, smoothly and efficiently in harmony with other vehicles.

  • It?셲 not a thing of the past ??it?셲 NOT a trolley ??it?셲 a quiet, electric-powered vehicle on rails with low-floor entry ??allowing easy on and off access for mothers with strollers, people in wheelchairs, or commuters with bicycles. (ADA accessible.)
  • It?셲 hip. It?셲 cool ??demographic trends indicate that people want to move closer to downtown and reduce commute times and, in turn, improve air quality. This will further help attract people to the urban core vs. outlying areas.
  • The 2030 Fixed Guideway Plan identified a Modern Streetcar technology for use in Oklahoma City. A study to analyze the effectiveness of an Oklahoma City streetcar system is nearly complete.

Modern Streetcar - A Model



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Timeline At A Glance

9/09 Projects Announced
 12/09 MAPS Vote
MAPS Passes