METRO Lift is a curb-to-curb transportation service for individuals with disabilities. This service helps persons gain independence by arranging their own transportation to the doctor, shopping mall or to visit friends.



To use METRO Transit?셲 METRO Lift service, patrons must complete an application. Applications not fully completed will be returned without certification of eligibility.

Download an application or call 235-7433 for more information.

METRO Transit will send a Medical Information Form to the physician listed on the application to be completed and signed by the physician. Certification of eligibility is generally valid for a three-year period. A denial of certification decision may be appealed.

The appeal process is outlined in the decision letter.

Other transportation services may be available for riders who do not meet ADA Transit eligibility requirements. Please call Customer Service at 235-RIDE (7433).

In addition to eligibility determined by METRO Transit, wheelchair participants must have a ramp at their residence. METRO Transit recommends a Personal Care Attendant (family member, friend, etc.) accompany the passenger if assistance is needed while riding on the van or getting to and from the van.


Scheduling Trips (call 297-3808)

Upon notification of eligibility, a trip may be scheduled by calling the METRO Lift scheduling office at 297-3808. Reservations must be made at least 24-hours in advance and may be scheduled up to 7 days in advance. Inform the scheduler if a wheelchair or other assistive device will be used and if any persons or a service animal will also be traveling.


Pick Up & Travel Time

METRO Lift operates on a schedule and is used by others who will also be boarding and exiting the vehicle. Five minutes is allowed for each stop. Travel time will be longer than the time of a direct trip. The van may arrive up to 15 minutes before or after your scheduled pick-up times. Please plan your appointments accordingly.

Drivers cannot make unscheduled stops. Each additional stop is considered an individual trip and the one trip fare will be charged for each trip. Additional stops must be scheduled during the initial reservation.


Riding METRO Lift

  • Please be ready to board when the van arrives.
  • METRO Lift drivers cannot come into the home and are not trained to respond medically.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking is not allowed on the van.
  • Please limit purchases to three bags.


Cancellations and "No Shows" (call 297-3972)

To cancel a ride, call 297-3972 as soon as possible and at least two hours before the scheduled pick-up time.

Excessive ?쐍o-shows??may result in suspension of service.

A trip is considered a ?쐍o-show??if the rider

  • Calls to cancel a trip less than one-hour before the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Schedules a trip but does not meet the ride upon its arrival.
  • Is not ready to board within five minutes after the arrival of the vehicle and the vehicle departs without him/her.


Identification Cards

Once you are notified of your eligibility by mail, you will then need to obtain your Photo ID. Simply, mail a recent photo to METRO Transit and we?셪l send you your personalized Photo ID. If you need a photo taken, come by the Downtown OKC Transit Center at 420 NW 5th St to have one taken.


Service Areas

The primary service area for Oklahoma City METRO Lift (Zone 1) includes the area that is within 3/4 of a mile of the out skirting local METRO Transit fixed bus routes. For questions, call 297-2891.

The Oklahoma City METRO Lift secondary service area (Zone 2) is that area within the Oklahoma City Limits that is not designated Zone 1. METRO Lift will serve eligible persons traveling in Zone 2 on the basis of space and time availability.

The City of Edmond service area is within Edmond city limits. Contact the City of Edmond for service in that area. 

Similar service is availiable in the City of Norman, for additional information, call 325-5438.





Oklahoma City Zone 1




Oklahoma City Zone 2



Eligible participants 17 and under 


Regular Zone Fare

Designated PCA 



*Additional passenger (s) 


Regular Zone Fare

Children 6 & under with ADA Parent



Children 7-17 with ADA Parent


Regular Zone Fare

 * If space is available.

Multiple-trip punch passes are available.

Fares are paid when boarding the van either by punch pass or cash. Exact fare is necessary, as drivers do not carry change. Drivers cannot take fares on credit. If more than one stop is needed it must be scheduled in advance and additional fare will be charged for each stop.