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The agendas and minutes listed on this web page are provided as a service to our patrons. The official posting of the agendas and official minutes are kept in the office of the City Clerk located in the 200 N. Walker in downtown Oklahoma City.

To learn more about COTPA public meetings, please call (405) 297-2484 or email

Board Meeting Notices

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on the first Friday of each month. Meetings generally start at 9 am in the City Council chambers located at 200 N. Walker in downtown Oklahoma City







 1/10/14   Canceled   Canceled
 2/7/14   Canceled   Canceled
 3/7/14   Agenda   Minutes
 4/4/14   Agenda   Minutes
 5/2/14   Agenda   Minutes
 6/6/14   Agenda   Minutes 
 7/4/14   Agenda   Minutes
 8/1/14   Agenda   Minutes 
 9/5/14   Agenda
 10/3/14   Agenda    Minutes
 11/7/14   Agenda   Minutes 
 12/5/14   Agenda    Minutes 

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Special Meeting Notices

Special meetings of the Board of Trustees are held as needed. The official agenda and minutes are posted and kept by the office of the City Clerk at 200 N Walker.







 2/17/12   Agenda   Minutes

Public Notices

  • Community Meeting Set Tuesday, May 21

    A transit consultant was recently hired to make recommendations for improving the bus system in Oklahoma City. On May 21, the public will have an opportunity to hear the initial findings and provide input. NelsonNygaard was hired to review, evaluate and make recommendations to improve the operating efficiency of the current public transit system given the current funding.

  • Summer 2012 Proposed Service Changes

    The Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) is a provider of multi-modal transit services in the Greater Oklahoma City area, including fixed-route bus, paratransit and river ferry public transportation services. As part of its service planning efforts, COTPA proposes changes to existing routes 2, 9, 3,10,13, 19 and 22; proposed addition of a commuter express service from the Northwest corridor; and proposed addition of Sunday service to reflect the agency?셲 goals to maxim...

  • Proposed Route Service Modification

    The Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority (COTPA) hereby provides notice of a Public Hearing in order to receive comments concerning the proposed elimination of the Route 51 Stagecoach Line, a bus route that runs Fridays and Saturdays from 2:30 until 10:29 pm. A Public Hearing will occur at 3:00 pm on Thursday, April 28, 2011 at the Downtown Ronald Norick Library, Jim Thorpe Room. The Library is located at 300 Park Avenue (Hudson Avenue at Park Avenue), in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma...

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