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METRO Transit provides a wide range of transportation services, including special services for older adults and persons with disabilities.

With METRO Transit?셲 Special Services, older adults and persons with disabilities maintain independence by arranging their own transportation and depending less on family and friends.

All special services provided by METRO Transit require an application process. Applicants age 60 years or older are eligible for the majority of services. Applications on the basis of disability require METRO Transit to contact the applicant?셲 physician for completion of the METRO Transit Medical Information Form.

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혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Congregate Meal Transportation
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Daily Living Center
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Helpline
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Interim
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Reduced Fare
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??RSVP Provide-A-Ride
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??Senior Companion
혻혻혻혻혻혻혻 ??STEP (Shopping Shuttle)