Historic Union Station

Union Station - Construction and Service

Union Station was constructed in 1930 at a then-astounding cost of $2 million, and built to last with its grand, neo-classical architecture. Encompassing more than 55,000 square feet of space, the station features masonry walls 18-inches thick, with ceilings towering 25 feet above waiting rooms below.

The station?셲 exterior is constructed of Indiana limestone, with the roof featuring Mediterranean-inspired red clay tile of varying shades of red. Inside, brass-plated wooden entry doors accent the solid walnut and birch woodwork featured throughout. The혻interior is illuminated by magnificent Art Deco-style light fixtures, each weighing upwards of 1,000 pounds and suspended on roll-down cables. Gently curved archways accentuate the overall design both inside and outside the landmark.

For those Oklahomans born prior to the 1950s, few things in their imagination conjure up more romantic or nostalgic images than those two little words ???쏛ll Aboard!?씲?That?셲 because nothing can quite take the place of train travel in the minds, hearts and memories of those who traveled trains during that era혻??the last generation to embrace trains as a desired and necessary form of travel.

For nearly 40 years혻Oklahoma City?셲 historic Union Station greeted dozens of trains and hundreds of travelers weekly, serving as a romantic backdrop for thousands of personal, private melodramas: from countless young soldiers bidding farewell to sweethearts to confident college students waving their final goodbyes; from families departing to distant, beckoning vacation spots to ordinary business trips to hundreds of mundane locales. Any destination somehow seemed less ordinary when gliding across the countryside in a thundering Frisco or Rock Island train.

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