Winter Weather

Preparing for winter weather and other emergencies

If we have a severe winter storm, it's likely bus service will be disrupted. 

Be prepared: take a few minutes to learn about the travel alternatives that will meet your needs, and review our tips for commuting in extreme weather. There are also a number of resources available on the City of Oklahoma City's website.

BEFORE the Storm
Know before you go:

  • Review your options ahead of time. Check online bus schedules.
  • Sign up for alerts: Learn about weather related detours or cancellations for your bus service by following us us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Have a backup plan.

DURING the Storm
Get the information you need:

  • Check for weather detours before you leave for the bus stop
  • Watch the news or listen to the radio for updates
  • Call 235-7433 for Service Alerts

Give yourself plenty of time to get to a stop or transit center.

Use caution when walking on wet or icy surfaces. Please dress warmly and be prepared to wait; you may be outdoors longer than expected. Buses are unlikely to stay on schedule.

METRO Transit service in winter weather

Road conditions affect all traffic, so buses may experience significant delays. Service won't be on schedule, but buses should still arrive at regular intervals.

  • When the snow starts falling: Buses will follow their normal routes as long as the streets are safe for travel. We work with city and state road crews to help make sure bus routes get plowed first.
  • Significant snow/ice conditions: As snow or ice accumulates, some service may be canceled due to road conditions. Others will go on snow routes to avoid parts of the route that are too dangerous to drive on.
  • Severe weather service plan: If the weather gets really bad, and stays bad, we'll limit service to a select group of bus routes operating on plowed streets, so that we can serve the most riders.

Be aware of at-risk bus stops:

  • In severe snow and ice, buses will often avoid hills or other safety hazards.
  • If there's no traffic going by your bus stop, walk to a stop on a busy street.
  • If your bus stop is in the middle of a hill, walk to the bottom where the operator can safely stop.
  • Stand back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. Buses can slide sideways in slippery conditions.
  • Keep in mind your bus may not pull all the way over to the curb, to avoid getting stuck.
  • Stay informed by following us on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Call 235-RIDE (7433) for recorded service updates. (Depending on conditions, phone support may be limited)